Poem Inspired by Andrea Gibson

                                                                  Video still by  Mathew McNamara

                                                                  Video still by Mathew McNamara

What would I write

if I did not feel a need to sensor myself?


that I have the deepest love 

for my own body.

for my self 

that spills  out  everywhere, 

in spite of 

and past the 


that has kept me 

under wraps.


i am so tired 

of the hiding—-

it takes 

so much out of me.


and then what is left?

the skin, with its half truths.


my stuff has been spilled 

all over the floor

with the shit

and the grape juice

and the garbage 

from the storm.


the rigid inadequacies

swallowed whole 

rotting in the belly:

the pretending to be smaller 





than i am.


where can i lie awake in this festival of hiding?


worming my way through the dirt

finding the bones of yesterday

announcing themselves

as living free.


down here

it smells like 

the love of everything.