My Commitment



Today, I make a commitment publicly. 

This is my marriage, to creativity, to my life, to myself, and to you, the reader/viewer. 


Each day for 365 days I will create at least one entry of words and image on ZOELAB. Any topic, any art form is allowed.  

When I cannot post due to technical difficulty, I will make an analog entry in my journal and post the entry when internet is next available.




All comments and questions (as long as they are constructive) are welcome. Some of them may be posted on the site. Please email me at and indicate in the subject if you approve the publishing on ZOELAB of any content from your email. Any published content from readers/viewers will be anonymous.  

All content (image, text, sound, video) on site is original, unless otherwise noted.


As the entries collect, and the year progresses, 

the shape, structure and look of this site will continue to change and grow. 

This site is a spontaneous work-in-process. 




I am sharing with you the process & progress of my life’s purpose:

to artfully build and live 

a creative, connected, organized and conscious life.


This is an art & happiness project.


This webspace is a place of integration:

an on-going attempt to find balance and promote growth, 

to inspire, to be inspired, to create community, to connect, 

to reflect and share my dreams, 

and my internal & external daily life.



Thank you for looking.