Lucas left yesterday, so it’s just Mio and me. The rain came in short great gusts. A little rain came through our roof and puddled on our tile floors. Mio and I made pancakes this morning (from scratch for the second time in my life). After we had mixed most of the batter, I realized we had no eggs. Emilio and I went to our nearest neighbor to see if he had any eggs, but he wasn’t home. Then we went to the minisuper 79 (which opened several months ago), a little store a block away from us, with no electricity. I knew they wouldn’t have eggs, but I asked anyway. The storekeeper shook his head and then I said “quiero solo uno.” He went behind the store, into his house and brought me one egg from his kitchen. We were so triumphant that we didn’t have to give up on the pancakes. I used a recipe (from a compilation of the best of cook’s illustrated) that tells you to separate the yolk from the white, stir the yolk into melted butter and  to whip the white into the milk mixture. The recipe also asks for buttermilk, but if you don’t have buttermilk, you can put 1 tbs of lemon juice in the milk to curdle it. I only had limón, but it worked! The pancakes came out light and fluffy, with a hint of citrus. The two of us ate enough pancakes for 4. 

Also, Mio pooped in the potty for the first time. I was so excited about it, I couldn’t keep my cool. But my excitement was embarrassing to him--he kept asking me not to be loud. He was secretly very proud though. He just wanted to play it cool. After he made it, he asked me: “is this a baby poop or a little boy poop?” I said “it is definitely a big boy poop.” And it really was.

Here is a series of photos I took today of Emilio in the circle of trees. I was inside the house, and had just stepped outside the kitchen door to catch sight of him sitting in his little green plastic adorondak chair in the middle of the circle of trees. I said I wanted to take a picture of him and went to get the camera. But just as I got the camera out, he jumped out of his chair.

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