Revolutionary Love



Revolutionary Love

(from 2007)

I want to protect our honeymoon of the future. This is because I am a fighter. A revolutionary within. A revolutionary, fighting for love. Fighting for our deepest need for fantasy and drama and love of the highest order. Devotion and longing of the dream unfulfilled. The dream you know in your spine before I say the word: dream. You dreamt in the womb—it was your womb—soft darkness with eternal space for the energetic dreamer. You were dreaming of your honeymoon—a trip in celebration of your departure and your return. A trip that is touched by your love, that is shielded by your love.

It is not the honeymoon of the bride or groom, it is the honeymoon of your constant longing, your devotion to your longing, from the spell that has overtaken your daily speech and figurative lies. It is a honeymoon of what your spine knows to be true. A truth that has never been spoken. It is a honeymoon of the dream unfulfilled, a dream of your most intimate and innate potential. Inside your belly I can see you are collecting songs, because you are a lucky poet. A cat. Even a lioness.

Your claws are fierce because you are a fighter, a dreamer, an artist of the trapeze, of the high wire. You are a boxer, bloody fisted, reeling. Alive with what is staring you in the face. You can’t afford to lie, to turn your head away, to murder your power. You were born into the boxing ring, and with the most tender and most fierce sensibility, you fight.