I would like to share a little bit more about my class, Dance Lab. It is my newest Art For Life creation and I am very proud of it. It was born in confluence with the most beautiful yoga/movement/arts space in Todos Santos--Cuatro Vientos. This was a true experience of synergy--a lifetime of various experiences culminating in this class, with the perfect space.

I love leading the class, using a headset microphone for the first time--spouting out a spontaneous mix of poetry, guided meditation and movement suggestions. Teaching this class is one of the greatest joys in my life.

Dance Lab is a 75 minute meditation through stillness, movement, pilates and dance. Through all the levels and modes of Dance Lab—we develop our awareness of all the corners of our experience. Being experts and artists of our most authentic expression. Dance Lab is a chance for you to feel safe to move freely, developing your own body intuition and guidance. You will have the opportunity to rest, play, meditate, move, dance, create all in one class. You will leave feeling energized, and fresh—ready to celebrate the evening with friends, family or in sweet reflective repose.

Dance Lab was designed to create an opportunity for an intensive, personal work out of the body, mind and spirit. It was designed to gradually guide you into a deeper experience of yourself and your own creativity—increasing your range of expressiveness. As the music builds and the heat in your body builds, you integration mind, body and emotion, which ultimately leads you to the spiritual plane of unity within and without. As the sun sets, and the energy comes to a peak, you are returned to an upbeat, connected space of connection with both self and other, ready to welcome the evening with newfound energy, authenticity and joy.

Dance Lab is for those who want to develop their range of expressiveness through dance, or to have an authentic experience of movement and self connection and expression. It is also an incredible full body work out: designed to develop your concentration, mind/emotion/body awareness, loosen all the joints, work out and stretch the major muscle groups—with a special emphasis on the core through pilates exercises.

I have so far created 41 unique playlists since I launched this class on January 7th of this year. I have missed only one class due to illness.

Here is the playlist I created for today (I am proud to say it features music by two of my friends):

Ah, Breath Voices         Silvia Nakkach  
Compass           Habit Trail    Compass   
Unison         Björk    Vespertine  
Joga      Björk    Homogenic 
Consequence  The Notwist
Epliohunk      Ratatat               
Fidelity          Regina Spektor  
We Are the Wild        Holly Mae and the Painted Room    Turns of Phrase         
Nocturnes Op.15 No.2 Fis-Dur       Chopin   
Cherry      Ratatat   
Heads Up         Karen O the Kids   
Big Time Sensuality        Björk     Electronica    
Main Offender          The Hives        
Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)        Beyoncé   
Hips Don't Lie         Shakira ft Wyclef Jean   
Quiet And Small         Looper   
Track 05        The Planet Sleeps