Egg Confetti Bombs

So here is the project that I referred to in yesterday's blog post. After we made up from our fight, he gave me unhindered access to taking photos. We got from this from a book of 365 projects to do with kids, which is also illustrated by kids.


  1. confetti (I just happened to have a bag of confetti that I had bought at a thrift store in La Paz)
  2. eggs
  3. push pin of nail scissors
  4. crayons or oil pastels

Make a hole in either side of the egg with the pin. Blow the insides of the egg into a bowl. Make the hole larger by circling your push pin. Decorate your egg with your crayon. Fill the larger hole with confetti, and then tape it closed. Wait for your target to show up, and surprise them by smashing the egg on top his head. We made three eggs. In this case, Emilio and I were each others' targets. Emilio saved the third egg for his father who will be returning from a three day trip to the US.


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