A List of Future Blog Posts and Essay Topics


I have an opportunity to start blogging for a major website, yet I have hesitated to publish there. It's not fear exactly, that has kept me from taking that leap, but maybe a need for clarity, before I feel ready to put my voice out there in a bigger way.

Here is my list of blog post ideas (as well as longer essay pieces that I will eventually publish) that I have been mulling over.

  • What is creativity?

  • What is art journaling?

  • How I lifted myself out of postpartum depression through art journaling, blogging and dancing

  • How to use technology selectively

  • How to be authentic on social media

  • Phases of Creativity

  • Is Our Obssession with Yoga is Killing Our Creativity?

  • Art Advice in Opposites

  • How to discover your soul’s code

  • How to deal with the inner critic

  • On being both an introvert and an extrovert

  • What I love about living in Baja

  • Narcissism, how to cure it and how it’s the last taboo

  • How to be all your selves

  • On death and the afterlife

  • How you can bring more singing, dancing, writing, drawing & acting into your life

  • Why I think Buddhism is sexist

  • Why it’s important to be in love with yourself

  • Love is the antidote for shame

  • I am not an expat, I am an immigrant

  • Creative Motherhood

  • My philosophy: Living Life as Art

  • A personal history of spirituality

  • On Being In-Between: Androgyny, bisexuality, bilingualism, biculturalism and multi-identity

  • How to create a class from a place of complete selfishness

  • The paradox of parenthood and childhood

  • How to slow down

  • How to live your dreams after 40

  • How to be a bad off-the-gridder, but an off-the-gridder all the same

  • Why I want to be the voice of my (very small) generation

I am curious to hear what you think, which ones resonate with you or spark your curiosity?