A List of Every Job That I've Held (that I can remember) in Chronological Order




























































1. babysitter

2. portrait model for my mom

3. after school teacher

4. assistant teacher of english as a foreign language to chinese 1st graders

5. postcard order filler at postcard factory

6. film projectionist for college film program

7. teacher of english as a second language to immigrants

8. teacher of english composition to teenaged immigrants at a junior college

9. waitress at middle eastern restaurant

10. intern for light projection artist

11. intern/production assistant for soft porn film production

12. intern for a filmmaking magazine and film producer tutor of english as a foreign language to a chinese twelve year old boy

13. art assistant to children’s text book design company

14. freelance haircutter

15. assistant to independent film publicist

16. assistant director’s liaison and assistant press liaison for film festival

17. assistant publicist for film distribution company

18. freelance production assistant for industrial films

19. waitress at mexican restaurant

20. assistant to small family publishing house

21. designer and creator of children’s art and poetry book for community garden

22. production assistant at my uncle’s corporate event production company

23. actress in various plays, student films, television shows, improv troupes, independent films

24. receptionist for a film director’s production office

25. freelance script reader for acquisitions department of film company

26. door to door advertising salesperson for a city map & guide

27. private assistant/caretaker for cancer patient who wanted help with organizing personal letters

28. cocktail waitress at korean restaurant and lounge

29. sales associate for women’s clothing boutique

30. story writer for pornographic magazine

31. director’s liaison for film festival

32. director’s liaison and press liaison for independent film festival

33. publications coordinator and designer for children’s social services agency

34. volunteer tutor to ten year old boy in reading and math

35. art program coordinator and teacher of art, music, drama, and writing for summer youth program

36. freelance nanny

37. freelance fit model

38. teacher of creative writing and filmmaking to children at summer program

39. teacher of acting for the camera and acting improvisation to children at a drama program

40. led music, drama, movement group at a community center for seniors

41. trainee psychotherapist and expressive arts therapist to teens and adults at an LGBT center

42. intern psychotherapist and expressive arts therapist to children, families and individuals at a counseling center

43. teacher of improv to adults

44. filmmaking teacher to ten year old and twelve year old sisters

45. sales assistant to photographer

46. teacher of creativity workshops and creativity coach

47. web designer

48. wedding planner for hotel


boldjob held or repeated for one year or longer

a note to my readers (if you’re out there):

try doing this exercise for yourself, it’s fun and brings up odd memories. also, it is interesting to look back to see a pattern in your life path/career path. if you try it, i’d love to hear about your experience.