Fun with Design

I LOVE DESIGN. I started playing with graphic design as a teenager. I made a wood cut print for the poster for the school play. In those days I was too shy and quiet to actually get into the plays--but I still tried. Instead I was cast as the dancer, or in this case the graphic designer!

Over the years have taught myself graphic design and web design, and have since integrated my photography into my designs. More recently I have been teaching myself hand lettering and improving my hand drawing skills. It turns out that you really need a pencil for hand lettering. Up until then I have always been a pen and maker girl--which gives you a lot less control and a lot more permanence. But last year, I fell in love with pencils, which are great for getting your hand drawn designs perfect, thanks to a nifty little thing called an eraser.

I've always thought it would be fun to work in advertizing, and that I would have a knack for both the copy writing (I love catchy slogans) and for creating eye-catching, psychologically resonant design. The only problem is I have become anti-consumerist, and I could never bring myself to actually work in advertising. So, instead I apply my marketing skills to promote what I believe in. Running my own business/organization, Art For Life, and the blog, my music as well as others' projects I believe in--these are wonderful opportunities to use my design skills everyday to promote creativity, the arts, compassion, consciousness & multiplicity.

Here is a sampling of my latest designs:

The photograph for the Mariposa Night poster (below) was taken by my husband, who is a wonderful photographer, and features the cute little face of our Bear. This poster is a great example of our creative collaborative relationship: featuring: photography, hand drawn art, graphic design, light projection & our child.

I also have designed (and am still working on) several websites. Including, of course zoëlab.