Can't Say A Better Day

Many of the inspirations for my songs come from clever, in the moment things that people near me express, which I then write down. One of my latest songs, Rock-n-Roll Thing came from a spontaneous statement of self-knowledge Emilio made at 3 years old. He told me during one of my music appreciation sessions with him. We were probably listening to The Runaways. Joan Je(Which he called The Runways.) "I'm a rock-n-roll guy. I'm a rock-n-roll thing." I was delighted by his confession, and of course, related deeply to it. Later it inspired my newest rock song, which I am currently in the process of recording. Learning how to actually record your music is yet a whole new skill. It's not easy. This is why I love improv.

Last year, Emilio was having a moment of feeling high on life and he came into the house from playing outside singing the hook for a great new song:

"Can't say a better day!" expressing his pure joy and enthusiasm for the present moment.

I immediately got out the guitar and this is what we recorded:

Speaking of kids rocking out, my mom sent me this clip today: