ZOELAB 365  DAY 42

We had Georgie and Vinnie over for a sleepover last night, who are still here, while the Groovetrotters (their older brothers and dad) performed their regular gig last night at a Pan Asian restaurant. I had done a photoshoot with the Groovetrotters the day before. They will use one of the photos for their new ad for their Friday night gigs at the restaurant, which will be displayed on a huge billboard on the way into Todos Santos.  This will be my largest and most seen display of photography. Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot:


This last one above is my personal favorite. By an act of coincidental artistic grace, a school bus just happened to slowly pass by while we were shooting. I want to re-shoot it so that the bus is going in the same direction as the boys, (if we can find another school bus) which would be towards Todos Santos, where their performance is. If I can set up the shot right, it could be a great first album cover. The ironic is thing is all these boys are being home schooled by their parents, but I love the idea that they are trying  to hitchhike a ride on a school bus to their gig. This is pure coincidence, that I was inadvertently designing record covers, focusing on rock-n-roll in my blog, and then was asked to do this photo shoot. Eventually we will shoot a music video for them in the desert.

For the photo shoot, I accepted a trade of mangos and meat. In addition to being a musician with many other talents, Ben is also a butcher, and had a successful meat business--raising and butchering his own animals (free range, organic.) But for now he is focusing on being a professional musician, and the meat is for his family, and for occasional trades. Yesterday, we made smoothies from the mangoes and Lucas cooked up the pork chops he gave us. I didn’t eat them because I was feeling sick, but I heard they were delicious!