Checking In


It’s a new month, (my favorite) and the beginning of a new season. The busy-ness is upon me. Weddings and such. I wish I had more time to commune, relax, create, share on here. But in the spirit of keeping up, and not letting perfection get in my way, here is a list that sums up last month for me:


discovered new (for me) art form : 

illustrations using watercolor or gauche and fine pen!


discovered other new art form:

(photographic chronological autobiography)


got through summer and am enjoying early fall weather


Didn’t get any sewing done


Got to re-connect with old friends through internet


Discovered some amazing blogs


Found new ways to bring new readers to this blog

(through my grad school)

Received encouraging comments


Gave up sugar


Got sick and recovered twice


Experiencing the full circle contagion of inspiration



Is this daily project of ZOELAB increasing my happiness and creativity and connection to self and others?




Is it creating a challenge with my relationship

with my family and housework?




Is it worth it?