how to be an artist


how to be an artist


Let everything in you count

(even shit storms) 

     and carry a pen.


    especially softness. 

listen for it, 

   its voice waits to be heard.


    paying special attention 

to the child.


Don’t judge the different parts, 

     love them or let them be.


After all, we are letting our hearts matter. 

We are daring to live from the right side of the brain.


Don’t be lazy 

unless you are trying to be lazy.


Let the child inside

live out its course. 

Follow her closely, 

delight in her delights, 

cradle her rage, 

listen to her lessons. 

Most of all, respect her, 

for she makes the artist in you.


Everything you have ever been and will ever be 

is right here in the room with you.

Don’t chase it,

let it come to you when it is called for.


You are becoming: 


  1. desire/love (ego/egoless, wants something in return/wants nothing in return)

  2. belief

  3. courage

  4. commitment

  5. stubbornness

  6. grace


Dare to take up space in this world. 

           You are only practicing the art of being yourself.