That Which Hinders Your Task Is Your Task

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Original Date of Post: December 10, 2012

Sometimes life is about forgetting and remembering. I forget daily what it is that mattered to me most last time I felt inspired.

Do you ever have the feeling that you’re doing something no one’s ever done before? It’s a frightening feeling, even though it's the mind thinks it’s impossible. It’s the feeling of falling. But it’s also a fast and low feeling, like driving a motor boat or a car. A feeling that splits open the ego and lets the heart shine. I have that feeling now. And then suddenly, it’s gone. I waver somewhere between velocity and fear.

Have you ever dreamed of living an enchanted life? Filled with joy, heartache and mystery. My kind of enchantment includes mess, and acceptance too. Which brings me down to the ground. Which is often where I most need to be.

Stating where I am changes it inevitably. A block is only a block until I become aware of it, and then it is something to write about. Making art is sometimes about working through your anxiety. About showing up, about putting images and thoughts in the bank to be connected later.

Just now I received an email from my dad. This is what he wrote:

I see you're 'blocked' as you report. But don't forget I find your three spray bottles a targeted commentary on modern life: we have so much, so many choices it's necessary to wall them off and give each its own function.  This bottle is for cleaning, this bottle is for cleaning delicate vegetables, and this bottle is for cleaning babies' bottoms.  Whatever.  It's a remarkable image: three folks facing each other in a stand off.  It, along with your various "museums," is fun and revealing to explore.  Isn't it great to have a reservoir of images to fall back on when the well seems a bit dry?! If you end up missing a few days here and there it only shows you're human like the rest of us. Lighten up and fly right.

And in another email, coincidentally, I received this quote: 

“Knowing nothing need be done is where we begin to move from.”

I let go and I am able to move forward. I feel taken care of.