Dreams Becoming Plans


These are the projects that I want to get going this year. Most of them have lived in my mind as dreams for many years.

Dream #1

La Maestra

To build my organization Art For Life by continuing to provide cultivating creativity workshops, private coaching, and arts education. Upcoming workshop ideas include: introduction to expressive arts, creative journal workshop, writing workshop. Eventual goal is to create a holistic arts center, with a performance/gallery space, café, studio rental, and classrooms. Teachers teach holistic minded arts classes in a variety of media, using a fusion of expressive arts methods and a multicultural, mindful approach to the fine arts. Invite guest lecturers from the arts, create opportunities for people who have little exposure to the arts. Also, to build a retreat center in Elias Calles for creativity workshops as well as month-long artist residencies.

Dream #2

The Comedienne

To make a situation comedy for the web based on improvisation. The central character: a therapist version of “inspector gadget” a narcissistic and emotionally clumsy unlicensed therapist who practices out of her vintage motor home in Mexico who inadvertently helps her patients, while spending the counseling time fantasizing about her dreams of stardom.

Dream #3

The rocker

Garafön recording project. Independently produce a full length albums of songs with quirky art rock band. Lucas on drums & keyboards, Zoë on guitar & vocals. And maybe even play a few songs in public. Have been invited to participate in “all originals” show this December.


Dream #4

The Fashionista

Seis Doce/612. Launch small scale knits only clothing line. Debuting at fashion show this winter, and then continuing to sell knit tops, dresses and skirts, at local farmer’s markets.

Dream #5

The Homebody

Our home and garden. Continue construction on our house.  Plant herb and vegetable garden. Finish bathroom. Set up solar system. Finish bedroom building. Start landscaping--create walled courtyard around two main buildings. Make studio/guest house building.

+     +    +     + +     + +     + +     + +     + +     +

These projects will not be finished in a year. But my hope is by putting them out there, I am making another step towards manifestation. I will work on each dream, step by step. I will continue to set small goals for myself as the months pass.

Plans for this month:

#1    Start planning the workshops that I will offer in the high season.

#2   Last week I had the revelation that this show can be improv based, using local non actors, rather than using a script, like a more traditional sitcom, which takes the pressure off of my writing the pilot, and brings in my love for improv. Improv (when it’s good) is the funniest and deepest stuff I’ve ever seen.

#3   Get back into practicing guitar and singing regularly. Which has already been happening. (We need to find a drum set for Lucas to practice on.)

#4    Start sewing. (I have already set up and organized my sewing space, and have all the tools (except the labels) I need to get started.)

#5    Paint the bathroom with primer. (Which we already have.)